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AVX 26/06/2017

AVX Releases WBR Series Thin Film Wire Bond Resistors With Wide Customization Capabilities
AVX WBR Series Thin Film

As a leader in RF passive products, AVX continuously strives to meet market demands by improving current product and developing new products. In keeping with this tradition, AVX has introduced a full line of Wire Bondable Resistors

Based on AVX's proven thin-film technology, the WBR Series top-contact, bottom-isolated resistors are ruggedly constructed, rated for up to 250mW DC power, and deliver ultra-stable, high-reliability performance in low profile packages. The series also offers customizable resistive values spanning 1Ω to 4MΩ with chip markings to match, in addition film, substrate, termination materials, TCR values, and resistive tolerances. Designed for use in applications that require stable thermocompression, epoxy, or ultrasonic bonding attachment, WBR Series resistors are ideal for use in: hybrid circuits, medical implantable devices, multichip modules (MCM), test and measurement instrumentation, high-reliability microelectronics, and military and defense applications, amongst others.

Allegro 17/04/2017

A5990: Quad DMOS Full-Bridge PWM Motor Driver

Allegro’s A5990 includes fixed off-time pulse-width modulation (PWM) current regulators, along with 2- bit nonlinear DACs (digital-to-analog converters) that allow stepper motors to be controlled in full, half, and quarter steps, and DC motors in forward, reverse, and coast modes. High resolution microstepping control is possible via independent current control reference voltage inputs for each full bridge. The A5990 PWM current regulator features externally adjustable off-time to adapt the current control to supply voltage and motor parameters—each bridge pair can be adjusted independently. The A5990 also features an adaptive percent fast decay (APFD) option which automatically and continuously adjusts the fast decay portion of the off-time to provide increased step accuracy, lower current ripple, and reduced power dissipation. Alternatively the A5990 can be set to use the Allegro™ patented mixed decay mode with fixed percent fast decay of 30.1%.

Internal synchronous rectification control circuitry is provided to improve power dissipation during PWM operation. To minimize power consumption when not in use, the A5990 can be put into a low current Sleep Mode. Protection features include thermal shutdown with hysteresis, undervoltage lockout (UVLO), over current (OCP) and crossover-current protection. Special power-up sequencing is not required.

The A5990 is supplied in an EV package, a 6 mm × 6 mm, 40-pin QFN package with a nominal overall package height of 0.90 mm. The package is lead (Pb) free, with 100% matte-tin leadframe plating. It is targeted at the dual axis multiple motor systems including CCTV (pan and tilt), 3D printing, point of sale (receipt and lotto printers), office automation (laser printers, copiers, etc.), medical (diagnostic systems), and the industrial automation market (ATMs and pick and place machines).

ON 07/04/2017

High Performance Image Sensors at the Front-end of a Growing Security Market
Sensor Imagem ON Semi

As we all want to live, work and travel in the utmost safety, the security market has seen rapid growth and advancement in recent years. Electronics semiconductor technology is synonymous with the sector and a key enabler for many systems in place today.

Surveillance video capture and processing in order to provide security has become a huge growth market in applications such as offices and other workplaces, plus stores, shopping malls and all kinds of general public spaces. The demand for, and value of, high quality, better performing and robust imaging solutions is very strong with the obvious benefits of easier, clearer recognition of activities, locations or people being observed.

Remote video surveillance can alleviate the need for manned security, mitigates for human attention span errors and continuity issues, and can enable those tasked with providing security to provide coverage of large areas around the clock.

ISC West – the largest tradeshow in the U.S. dedicated to the security industry - takes place in Las Vegas this month. Attended by almost 30,000 security sector professionals, the event provides a focal point and place where awareness is enhanced and the benefits of the very latest technology can be shared. The collaborative, learning environment of a tradeshow supports the ongoing design of the solutions that are more advanced and beneficial to the growing number and diversity of end applications.

ON Semiconductor is at the forefront of imaging technology for security and surveillance, and the launch of its latest digital image sensor for the sector will be synchronized with ISC West. The AR0521 offers class-leading low light performance – very often a key requirement for security applications, and video performance at 5 mega pixels 60 frames per second with a 1440p mode for 16:9 video. This, when combined with a host of other processing functions and features, delivers the extraordinarily clear and sharp images, even in poor light conditions, as are increasingly demanded by customers throughout the sector.

The AR0521’s -30 to +85°C operating temperature range means users don’t need to worry about compromised performance in the environments in which it is used either indoors or outdoors. It is also designed to work effectively in any of the latest commercial ‘observation formats’ including birds-eye, long -range and speed dome systems which are widely used in retail, office and other public buildings and areas. Each of these has some unique and several overlapping requirements that can include the need for image stitching signal processing, high frame rates for high resolution, advanced line synchronization for multi-camera systems and high dynamic range.

Video surveillance is here and here to stay, and in many aspects of our day-to-day personal and working lives it is there in the background for our ultimate benefit and safety. Historically the quality, functionality and connectivity might not have been exactly what was required to make it truly effective. But now with ever more sophisticated and robust electronics supporting the front-end image sensing needs, system makers have access to just what they need.

Allegro 24/03/2017

Magnetic Speed Sensor IC - ATS699

Allegro MicroSystems is pleased to announce that the ATS699, a Two-Wire, Differential, Vibration-Resistant Sensor IC with Speed and Direction Output has been released to market. With this release we will promote the ATS699 through a full public relations campaign and on www.allegromicro.com. For customer and sales presentations please visit the Marcom section of the eBiz site that will provide key features and benefits.

The ATS699LSN is an optimized Hall-effect integrated circuit (IC) and rare-earth pellet combination that provides a user friendly solution for direction detection and true zero-speed, digital gear-tooth sensing. The small package can be easily assembled and used in conjunction with a wide variety of gear-tooth-sensing applications.

The IC employs patented algorithms for the special operational requirements of automotive transmission applications. The speed and direction of the target are communicated through a variable pulse-width output protocol. The ATS699 is particularly adept at handling vibration without sacrificing maximum air gap capability or creating any erroneous “direction” pulses.

The advanced vibration detection algorithm will systematically calibrate the sensor IC on the initial teeth of true target rotation and not on vibration, always guaranteeing an accurate signal in running mode.

Advanced signal processing and innovative algorithms make the ATS699 an ideal solution for a wide range of speed and direction-sensing needs. This device is available in a lead (Pb) free 3-pin SIP package with tin-plated leadframe.

AVX 23/03/2017

AVX Releases New Multilayer Organic (MLO®) High Pass Filters for High Frequency Wireless Applications
AVX MLO LowPass image

As a leader in RF/Microwave passive components, AVX continuously strives to meet market demands by continuously improving existing products and developing new ones. In keeping with this tradition, AVX has introduced the thinnest high performance high pass filters available in today's market.

Based on AVX's proven multilayer organic (MLO®) technology, the new MLO® high pass filters are designed to support several wireless standard within the frequency range of 740MHz to 2830MHz. HF series high pass filters feature an ultra-low thickness of less than 0.559 mm, are expansion matched to most printed circuit board materials, and exhibit low insertion loss (≤1.2 dB), low parasitics, and 50 Ω impedance, making them ideal for use in a variety of wireless applications, including: mobile communications, global positioning systems (GPS), vehicle location systems, wireless LANs, satellite receivers, and instrumentation.

AVX 09/02/2017

AVX Releases New Automotive Grade Accu-P® Series Thin Film Chip Capacitors for Signal & Power Applications
Imagem Thin Film AVX

FOUNTAIN INN, S.C. (February 9, 2017) - AVX Corporation, a leading manufacturer and supplier of passive components and interconnect solutions, has released a new series of SMD thin film chip capacitors especially designed to meet demanding performance specifications in automotive signal and power applications. Qualified to AEC-Q200, AVX's new Automotive Grade Accu-P® Series capacitors deliver the tightest tolerances of any capacitor available on today's market (down to ±0.01pF), in addition to exceptionally repeatable performance, remarkably low ESR and high Q at high frequencies (including VHF, UHF, and RF bands), and extremely high stability with respect to temperature, time, frequency, and voltage variation when compared to ceramic capacitor technologies.

Based on well-established thin film technology and materials, the new Automotive Grade Accu-P Series capacitors are also subjected to a litany of test and quality control procedures in accordance with ISO 9001, CECC, IECQ, and USA MIL - including on-line process control procedures, accelerated life, dampness, and heat testing, and final quality inspections for capacitance, proof voltage, IR and breakdown voltage distribution, temperature coefficient, solderability, and dimensional, mechanical, and temperature stability - which makes them ideal for use in automotive signal and power applications that require extremely high accuracy, such as: in-vehicle and vehicle-to-vehicle communications systems, vehicle location and alarm systems, GPS, in-cabin wireless LANs, and mobile communications including navigation, traffic information, and connected security systems.

"Designed to exhibit ideal performance characteristics in high frequency signal and power applications, Accu-P Series capacitors virtually eliminate the variances in dielectric quality, electrode conductivity, and physical size that are inherent to ceramic capacitor technologies," said Larry Eisenberger, principal technical marketing engineer, AVX. "Named for the extreme accuracy they deliver in even demanding applications, Automotive Grade Accu-P Series SMD thin film chip capacitors feature high-purity electrodes for very low and repeatable ESR; high-purity, low-K dielectric for a high breakdown field, high IR, and low losses to frequencies above 40GHz; and very tight dimensional control for uniform unit-to-unit inductance."

Automotive Grade Accu-P Series capacitors are currently available in three standard case sizes (0402, 0603, and 0805), six rated voltages (10V, 16V, 25V, 50V, 100V, and 200V), and two dielectric temperature coefficients (0±30ppm/°C and 0±60ppm/°C) with capacitance values spanning 0.05pF to 68pF, and capacitive tolerances from ±0.01pF to ±5%. Rated for use in operating temperatures spanning -55°C to +125°C, the ruggedly constructed series also offers four termination compositions, including RoHS compliant and lead-free compatible options, and nickel/solder-coated terminations that provide excellent solderability and leach resistance.

Designed for soldering onto flexible or alumina circuit boards, Automotive Grade Accu-P Series capacitors can withstand the time and temperature profiles used in both wave and reflow soldering methods. Shipped on 7" or 13" reels, the components should be handled with plastic-tipped tweezers, vacuum pick-ups, or other pick-and-place machinery. Lead-time for the series is currently 10 weeks.

For more information about AVX's new Automotive Grade Accu-P Series SMD thin film chip capacitors for automotive signal and power applications, please visit http://www.avx.com/products/rfmicrowave/capacitors/automotive-grade-accu-p/ to access the product datasheet, catalog, part number information, and design tools. For all other inquiries, please visit www.avx.com, call 864-967-2150, or write to One AVX Boulevard, Fountain Inn, S.C. 29644.

Marvell 09/02/2017

The Four Most Exciting Wireless Audio Trends
Diagrama de set up de audio wireless

As chips are becoming smaller and more powerful, the wireless audio market is continuing to rapidly grow. According to MarketsandMarkets, the wireless audio industry is expected to reach $54.07 billion by 2022, at a CAGR of 23.2 percent between 2016 and 2022. High performance, low power wireless and Bluetooth/ Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) solutions have been key enablers of the growth of wireless audio, providing the technology for companies to develop connected audio solutions that have the throughput and range needed for high-resolution wireless, integrated with the extended battery life consumers expect for portable devices.

Multi-channel and multi-room wireless audio solutions are two key trends that have seen an increase in consumer adoption. However, to enable consumers to seamlessly stream their favorite tunes throughout their homes, there are a few key technological challenges with range and synchronization that must be addressed.

Marvell’s newest Avastar® wireless connectivity solutions make range limitations a thing of the past for many home and enterprise audio applications. Marvell’s high performance and low power Avastar combos incorporate Dynamic Multi-Hop Relay (DMHR) Technology to connect up to 15 devices in a daisy-chain fashion, extending the range of traditional Wi-Fi networks 15 times from 40m to almost 600m in a typical home. Additionally, Marvell has enabled other exciting features, such as connecting up to 31 clients to a speaker or sound bar which acts as a soft access point.

To make every microsecond of audio count, Marvell’s Avastar solutions provide cutting-edge audio synchronization across devices and rooms. Combining Marvell’s advanced Wi-Fi technology, support for the 802.11mc standard, and hardware time-stamping synchronization algorithms developed by our partners, Avastar delivers best-in-class smart connected solutions.

Another key trend in the wireless audio space, is the emergence of voice assisted products like Amazon Echo and Google Home. Marvell is working closely with all voice-enabled ecosystems to be at the forefront of technology enablement for this new category of products.

From portable speakers to advanced soundbar systems, Marvell’s advanced wireless technology is embedded in many of the most popular audio products on the market today. To learn more about Marvell’s wireless solutions, please visit: www.marvell.com/wireless.

Allegro 09/02/2017

ACS780xLR: High-Precision Linear Hall-Effect-Based Current Sensor IC With 200 μΩ Current Conductor
Imagem Sensor ACS780

The Allegro ACS780xLR is a fully integrated current sensor linear IC in a new core-less package designed to sense AC and DC currents up to 100 A. This automotive-grade, low-profile (1.5 mm thick) sensor IC package has a very small footprint.

The Hall sensor technology also incorporates common-mode field rejection to optimize performance in the presence of interfering magnetic fields generated by nearby current-carrying conductors.

The device consists of a precision, low-offset linear Hall circuit with a copper conduction path located near the die. Applied current flowing through this copper conduction path generates a magnetic field which the Hall IC converts into a proportional voltage. Device accuracy is optimized through the close proximity of the primary conductor to the Hall transducer and factory programming of the sensitivity and quiescent output voltage at the Allegro factory.

Chopper-stabilized signal path and digital temperature compensation technology also contribute to the stability of the device across the operating temperature range. High-level immunity to current conductor dV/dt and stray electric fields is offered by Allegro proprietary integrated shield technology, for low-output voltage ripple and low-offset drift in high-side, high-voltage applications.

The output of the device has a positive slope (>VCC / 2) when an increasing current flows through the primary copper conduction path (from terminal 5 to terminal 6), which is the path used for current sampling. The internal resistance of this conductive path is 200 μΩ typical, providing low power loss.

The thickness of the copper conductor allows survival of the device at high overcurrent conditions. The terminals of the conductive path are electrically isolated from the signal leads (pins 1 through 4, and 7), allowing the device to operate safely with voltages up to 100 V peak on the primary conductor.

The device is fully calibrated prior to shipment from the factory. The ACS780xLR family is lead (Pb) free. All leads are plated with 100% matte tin, and there is no Pb inside the package. The heavy gauge leadframe is made of oxygen-free copper.

AVX 19/01/2017

AVX Releases New Vertical Poke-Home Connector Carefully Tooled to Compete Against Hand Soldering in 18AWG Applications
Imagem 58-9296 series single position

FOUNTAIN INN, S.C. (January 17, 2017) - AVX Corporation, a leading manufacturer and supplier of passive components and interconnect solutions, has released the first vertical connector capable of successfully bridging the gap between inexpensive, but wildly inconsistent hand soldering processes and expensive, but exceedingly reliable two-piece connector systems in high volume, 18AWG applications with perpendicular terminations and limited board space, including: power supplies, LED drivers, and industrial and motor controls. Carefully tooled to effectively compete against hand soldering processes, which are all but completely devoid of materials costs, the new 58-9296 Series single position, vertical poke-home connectors finally provide design engineers with a compact, cost-effective, and electrically and mechanically reliable alternative to hand soldering. Featuring a unique, stamped and formed phosphor bronze box contact that maximizes both board attachment and wire capturing strength, the new vertical poke-home connectors are 23% smaller than existing vertical connector solutions, allowing them to fit into the extremely tight spaces between larger, densely populated plated through hole (PTH) components, and have tight tolerances in critical areas to minimize the potential for ingress resulting from the secondary potting or epoxy encapsulation processes commonly employed to protect industrial electronics from water and other harsh environmental hazards.

"Our new 58-9296 Series vertical poke-home connectors deliver reliable, repeatable solutions for a wide variety of 18AWG applications with vertical terminations and limited board space at a price/performance ratio that any design engineer who's open to examining their true applied costs - which include quality, process issues, and throughput - will find attractive," said Tom Anderson, connector product manager, AVX. "It was challenging to strike the appropriate balance between cheap, but inconsistent hand soldering processes and consistent, but expensive two-piece connector solutions, but this new series successfully delivers electrical and mechanical reliability in a minimal x/y footprint at a cost that will finally allow EEs to prioritize performance while simultaneously minimizing costs."

The series' robust, single beam, phosphor bronze box contact securely captures and retains solid, 18AWG wires; exhibits excellent spring performance, high fatigue, and corrosion resistance; and reliably withstands the mechanical and environmental stresses associated with large, 18AWG wires in industrial applications, including: industrial machine controls, power supplies, motors, drives, solenoids, sensors, fans, and pumps; commercial building controls and security and fire sensors; smart grid meters, breakers, and panels; and SSL/LED drivers, fixtures, signage, and streetlights. Rated for 8A, 600VAC, and operating temperatures spanning -40°C to +130°C, the new 58-9296 Series connectors also feature lead-free, tin plating that enhances corrosion resistance and contact strength, dual solder tabs that effectively anchor the connector onto PCBs, and, instead of costly Kapton® tape, an integral molded flange with a generous vacuum pick-up point for automated SMT placement. The RoHS compliant series is also rated for three-cycle durability, allowing for up to two wire replacements over the product's lifetime, and is packaged on tape and reel.

A&R 15/01/2017

A&R do Brasil lança seu site em português
Logo Ammon Rizos

A Ammon & Rizos do Brasil, com o objetivo de aproximar ainda mais fabricantes e clientes, lança o seu site em português, onde todo usuário terá acesso ao nosso line card, links para os sites dos nossos parceiros e novidades periódicas.

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